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Remembering Yet Another Login Password is so Old-school

TBH, I will visit a website often if they stop asking me to fill up a form and create a new password.

As a social media enthusiast, I have multiple social media accounts opened in tabs. And I consider myself a genius so I have found out a way to remember multiple passwords. This was me in 2010.

Now, I have to remember password for each of the bank account I have and an additional password that goes by the name of “transaction password” multiplied by each bank account. And don’t get me talking about security question. I see what the Four Horsemen did to Arthur Tressler. Then there are Facebooks, LinkedIns, Twitters, and a tab dedicated for email, which cannot be closed, whatsoever!

Thankfully, Rime doesn’t ask me to remember any password. Below FAQ is prepared after thorough discussion with Founders of Rime about the ways to login.

Q: How can I login to Rime using No Password feature?

A: There are eight social media credentials that you can use to login to Rime. All you have to do is connect as many social media accounts to your Rime profile. Or at least the ones you are always logged in, say Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail.

Make sure you are logged on to these services. Even if you are not, a popup window will ask for credentials of the social media selected by you. You enter your Twitter credentials in the window, and you will be directed to your Rime profile.

Q: Suppose I don’t want to choose any of the other social media login, how will I access Rime now?

A: In that case, you have to enter your connected email id, say Yahoo or Gmail. We will send you a confirmation link at your provided email. You have to click on the confirmation link and you will be directed to your account. This is time taking, and you have to click on the link within 15 minutes, else it will expire. To login, again you have to enter your email id. That is why we encourage you to connect using previous method.

Q: What about the data you are getting? Will you post anything on my behalf on Facebook?

A: No.

Q: Anything I post in Facebook, will be visible at Rime?

A: We don’t bring any data from Facebook as of now. How about you choose Twitter?

Q: Okay, I choose Twitter. What kind of data will you get?

A: We will get only publicly shared data. Since all the tweets are public, we will get your tweets. However, we cannot get your DMs.

Q: Will you notify any of my followers in Twitter that I am using Rime?

A: Not at all. Rime will not post anything on any of the connected social media accounts. And we are not going to bombard any of your followers/friends/connections with email about how cool Rime is.

Q: Thank you. Can I delete any of the connected social media accounts, anytime?

A: Yes. You can always delete any of the social media account that you don’t want your followers to see.

After this conversation, I started using Rime, and kept on experimenting on it. I added accounts; I deleted accounts, and followed the Founders (they made me do it). The no password thing really works for me. I get to use Rime without having to remember any additional password.