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Your Complete Web Address


During a rainy afternoon, as I am lost in a day dreaming session, Girish Sir suddenly asks me “What is your complete web address?”

In the past seven months of me agreeing to work with him, Girish sir would at least mention the answer thrice while discussing Rime.

“Rime is my complete web address,” I say, trying hard not to sound annoyed.

“Yes, but how will one believe that?”

Oh come on! “Well, they have to go to my Rime profile. And they can see my timeline, follow me, and get updates of my social media activities.” Isn’t what Rime is all about!

“So you are saying that a user has to see your timeline, and figure out everything?”

“I am not saying, you guys are saying that!”

“Haha. We have simplified it for our users. Check my Rime About Page. (Which is also the default profile page).

It’s pay day, and I do what I am told instead of enjoying the weather!

I am surprised to see some very beautiful changes. For once, it shows that Girish sir is in Mumbai, while he is standing here. There is a date which informs when he joined Rime. And three major changes for which I have been asked to visit his “complete web address”.

He explains, “Since I have connected my LinkedIn with my Rime profile, everyone can see my employment history.”

Below is an image of a map which shows various locations he might have visited. “See, it shows Mumbai. I have studied there,” (yeah yeah…IIT and all). “And two other places where I have visited. So basically, under Places, a user can see where I have been, given that I have tagged that place on Instagram or any other social media that is connected with Rime.”

Even finding various social media connected with Rime is easy now. Just below the map, I see Links, which shows icons of my beloved social media. “But they are actually the link for my social media accounts. You can see Facebook, GitHub, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr…”

/*As there is a fictional element in the story, this will be a dramatic moment for Suvojit to call. */

Girish sir’s Skype rings. It’s Suvojit. He asks me about the About page. I recall again it’s pay day, and give my congratulations on improving Rime. And I bid my time till one of them talks about it being a pay day.